CCL Security Introduces Prestoseal Protects Luggage Against Surreptitious Entry At U.S. Airports!

Security Seals

Wheeling, Illinois-CCL Security Products introduced Prestoseals at the recent Security Hardware Distributor Association (SHDA) conference held in May, in Ponte Verdra, Florida.

Disposable, one-time-use, tamper-detection, Prestoseals replace luggage locks at airports at check-in time to avoid loss of the luggage lock if Federal Transportation Security Administration(TSA) agents need to hand search luggage following its trip through the electronic screening process.

Prestoseals cannot be removed without destroying its security feature. If the Prestoseal is not present when you retrieve your luggage, and a Federal TSA seal has not been used to re-seal your luggage, it means that an unauthorized person has gone through your luggage. At this time travelers are urged to take their luggage to a security person to determine if anything is missing, or worse, to determine if anything has been added to the luggage.

CCL Security Products then recommends that a Prestolock® Luggage Lock be used to secure the luggage as it is transferred to hotels, via shuttles or commercial vehicles. The locks are also important at hotels at check-in as well as securing important items or papers inside luggage during room stays.

All CCL Security Products including Prestoseals and Prestolocks may be purchased from SHDA distributor members.