SearchAlert Heavy Duty Shackle

Wheeling, Illinois-Illinois Lock/CCL Security Products, a division of the Eastern Company announced today that the newly patented SearchAlert® Combination Lock with the Green-Red security window is now available with a heavy duty shackle.

The new lock was developed with input from electronic maintenance technicians, professional photographers and hunting and fishing enthusiasts looking for SearchAlert Combination Locks which would securely lock their traveling cases used in airports.

The new item called SearchAlert Case Lock features the patented Security Window which distinguishes the SearchAlert family of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recognized and accepted locks from other TSA products. SearchAlert is Travel Sentry Certified.

The SearchAlert patented Security Window changes from Green to Red when TSA Agents use their override device to open the luggage locks to search a travelers luggage or case. The window alerts travelers that their luggage has been searched.