Security Seals Replace Luggage Locks For Air Travelers Checking Baggage: Locks Still Needed at All Other Times!

Security Seals

Wheeling, Illinois-CCL Security Products, a unit of The Eastern Company of Naugatuck, Connecticut, introduced Prestoseals at the Travel Goods Show this past Spring in Las Vegas.

Disposable, inexpensive, one-time-use vandal-detection products, Prestoseals replace luggage locks at airports at check-in time. Prestoseals prevent the loss of a luggage lock if Federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Agents need to hand search luggage following its trip through the electronic screening process.

TSA Agents currently have the authority to cut-off locks on pieces of luggage needing more thorough inspections. Prestoseals by design, cannot be removed without destroying its one-time use security feature. Travelers affix Prestoseals in the same areas where luggage locks are used. If the Prestoseal is not present when a traveler retrieves his or her luggage, and by law, if a Federal TSA Seal has not been used to re-seal the luggage, it means that an unauthorized person has gone through the luggage. (TSA Agents are also required to leave an official TSA Notice of Inspection inside any piece of luggage, which was hand-searched out of the view of the traveler).

At this point, travelers are urged to take their luggage to a security person to determine if anything is missing, or worse yet, to determine if anything has been added to the luggage.

CCL Security Products then recommends that a Prestolock® Combination Luggage Lock be used to secure the luggage as it is transferred to hotels, via shuttles, or other commercial vehicles. The Prestolocks are also important at hotels at check-in as well as securing important items or documents inside luggage during room stays. Items of great value, of course, should only be stored in room safes, or in hotel safe deposit areas.

Prestoseals are available in 3 versions: Mini, Deluxe and Rugged Luggage Seals.

Mini Luggage Seals are recommended for small bags or back-packs. The Deluxe Seals were developed for larger over-night bags, and luggage which is normally too large to be considered carry-on. Rugged seals were developed for large pieces of luggage, trunks, photo-cases, tool carriers, golf club bags and display cases.

The three Prestoseal versions help prevent surreptitious entry into checked luggage by unauthorized people at airports or where-ever TSA Agents are present or where screening devices are used. Luggage locks should be used by travelers to secure their travel pieces everywhere else.

Prestoseals and Prestolocks may be purchased at Luggage Dealers and at Locksmith Shops across the United States.