Sesamee® Combination Locks: Since 1926, 77 Years of Reliable Security

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Wheeling, Illinois-CCL Security Products, with 121 years experience in the security hardware marketplace has been the manufacturer and supplier of Sesamee® Combination Locks for 77 years. Originally Patented in 1926, the Sesamee® basic design has remained unchanged over the years. The four wheel design which yields 10,000 possible combination changes, uses a solid brass internal platform which has evolved over the years.

Originally conceived with a multi-piece frame, the 1980?s saw the platform become a solid brass single piece frame. This change along with spring strength increases, shackle modifications, and wheel alignment improvements, made the Sesamee® virtually impossible to pick open by both vandals and professional thieves alike.

If imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery, the Sesamee® Combination Lock family of products, must be the most respected family of locks in the world.

The Sesamee® design has been copied repeatedly over the years, but the solid brass Sesamee® is still the first name requested on Federal, State and Local government specification sheets when it comes to reliable out-of-doors, weather resistant, combination locks. Sesamee® reliability is evident in the fact that CCL Security Productsoffers a life-time warranty with each lock sold-regardless of who buys it.