CCL Introduces new SearchAlert ® Looped Shackle Lock for Cases, Luggage, Trunks and Lockers


WHEELING, ILLINOIS-CCL Security Products, a Division of The Eastern Company of Naugatuck, CT., recently introduced the K6435 series SearchAlert Combination Lock with a unique Looped Shackle for ultimate travel security. The new series not only features the Patented SearchAlert Green-Red Security Window which allows travelers to determine if the lock has been opened by a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent, but the new Looped design with a larger diameter shackle can be used with Fiber Cases, trunks, and many styles of back-packs and luggage pieces, and used as well as a locker lock for health clubs and golf courses.

The K6435 Series is TSA Recognized and Accepted for all lockable cases trunks and luggage checked at U.S. airports. When a traveler checks a travel case at a U.S. airport, it is sent through an electronic screening process for inspection. If a TSA Agent needs to search a checked piece, the agent will use a Federal Government Protected override device to open the TSA accepted SearchAlert.

When the TSA override device is used, the SearchAlert patented Security Window changes from Green to Red, alerting the traveler upon arrival at the destination that the lock has been opened by a TSA Agent using an override device, or someone else using an illegal counterfeit device.

When a Red Security Window is visible, the traveler needs to open the luggage to see if a TSA Notification of Baggage Inspection has been placed inside of the travel case. If no notification is found the traveler should check to see if anything is missing or if something has been added to the travel piece. This should be done at the Airline Baggage Claim office.

New SearchAlert


The K6435 Looped Shackle SearchAlert Combination Lock was designed at the request of electronic technicians, photographers, sportsmen, law enforcement officials and members of the military for use with Fiber Cases. Electronic monitoring devices, electronic cameras, weapons of all kinds, skiing equipment, fishing tackle and golf bags are not allowed as carry-on items by airlines. These cases must be checked. The new SearchAlert series now provides the strongest security possible for this category of case, as well as providing protection against surreptitious entry with the Patented Green-Red security window.

The heavy duty looped shackle of the new K6435 SearchAlert also provides unmatched security when used with many types of soft-sided luggage items and back-packs offered by many well known luggage manufacturers.

The new K6435 SearchAlert can be used as a locker lock for box lockers and lockers with vertical rod locking handles, at health clubs, golf courses, and hotel exercise and recreation areas.

CCL Security Products has been a professional manufacturer of locks and other security products since 1882. It is located in Wheeling, Illinois, just north of O'Hare International Airport. More information about SearchAlert and CCL Security Products can be found on the World Wide Web. Google Keyword: SEARCHALERT; or go to