As Industrial and Commercial Businesses Continue Efforts to Cut Costs, Sesamee Portable Security Padlocks Introduces New Line of Storage Security Locks.

Solid steel padlocks have been used for many years and now Sesamee®, which has led the world in innovation and flexibility, introduces its first Storage Security Series.

January 2012, Wheeling, Illinois - Sesamee® 960 Storage Security Series hold up to 5 keys for house or automobile in a convenient location for regular use. An option for over the door knob mount for portable applications is available. Wall-mount option is available. The Key Storage door opens easily and remains attached to the lock-body for convenient operation.

The Sesamee® 960 Storage Security Series feature a molded body on both models and a vinyl coated shackle to prevent scratching on the padlock option. The body is reinforced to withstand hammering and sawing. The slide cover protects the 4-digit combination from the environment.

Features and Benefits of the Sesamee® 960 Storage Security Series ?10,000 potential combinations

960 960

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