Looking for a TSA Lock with a Key? Sesamee by CCL Security Products Introduces New Line of Keyed Locks with SearchAlert Feature

TSA Approved Locks have been used for many years, and now Sesamee, which has led the world in innovation and flexibility, introduces its latest TSA Keyed Lock Searchalert Series.

August 2013, Wheeling, Illinois—Sesamee 945 TSA Keyed Lock Searchalert Series offer peace of mind security and fit for real world applications. They are small, lightweight and provide the patented Searchalert feature.

The 945 TSA Keyed Lock Searchalert Series is the only TSA Keyed lock offered from CCL Security Products.

Features and Benefits of the Sesamee 945 TSA Keyed Lock Searchalert Series

For more information please visit www.sesameepadlocks.com or www.cclsecurity.com.

(Product photography and limited product samples are available upon request)

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