TSA Approved SearchAlert®

The Total Security Package for Travel by CCL Security Products

TSA Approved Search Alert

  • Airport Luggage & Case Security
  • TSA Accepted
  • TSA Recognized
  • Opened Lock Waring
  • Patented Security Window Prevents Surreptitious Entry
  • Available from Stock
  • 1,000 Re-settable Combinations
  • Regular and Heavy Duty Shackles


Focus on your trip, rather than the security of personal items.

From the moment the airlines handle your checked bags and luggage to the time you leave your bags in your hotel room, with the valet, or even in the car, a Sesamee® TSA-Accepted Travel Lock can help keep your personal items safer and make your trip more pleasurable. Sesamee® offers the most complete line of TSA-Accepted Locks you can travel with, and now the trusted security leader has made remembering your combination easier than ever with the introduction of the new low-cost TSA-Accepted Set-Your-Own combination lock. All checked luggage is now required to be screened and many bags are opened prior to being loaded on planes. Using a Sesamee® TSA-Accepted lock will help keep your bag secure throughout your travels with a patented Searchalert® indicator which signals when a TSA screener has accessed your bag.

  Lock has been Opened   Lock has not been Opened

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