Spring Bolt Cam Adapter

Features & Benefits
  • Locks into self-locking, latch bolt
  • Innovative RAPIDCAM replaces thetraditional steel cam and allows for slam shut feature when locked
  • Reduces the risk of cam scratching the application when door is closed and in the locked position
  • Simple, push to close and lock functionality
  • Eliminates metal on metal (cam to metal application)
  • Ends issue of cam bending on application frame when closed in locked position
  • Material and Finish
  • Latch: PA66 + GF15% (Nylon 66, 15% glass filled)
  • Base: White POM+PTFE
Part# UPC Code Cam Boss size Screw size Shelf Pack
Stock Items 48 Hour Shipping:
RAPIDCAM315* 021919055028 fits locks with .315" boss M4-0.7 x 20mm 25
RAPIDCAM350* 021919055035 fits locks with .350" boss 1/4-28 x .750 25
*Rapidcam315 works with ilock 901,902
*Rapidcam350 works with ilock 903, 650, 622, 633 series and the Fort 230 series