15766 3 Point Tee Handles

DISC TUMBLER Can be Masterkeyed

Features & Benefits
  • Material: Pressure Cast, Steel Zinc Plated Cam
  • Operation: Top and bottom bolts and cam are operated by quarter turn of handle, except when handle is locked by key. Key removable in either locked or unlocked   position.
  • Metal Thickness: 1/8" Maximum
  • Regular Key Changes: 200 with key blank 5865JVR
  • Master Key Changes: 180 with key blank 5860KS
  • Rods and Guides: Not furnished
  • Hand: Regularly furnished right hand. Left hand available when specified on order
  • Rekeying: Plug removal access hole added to shank of handle to allow for removal of plug assembly for rekeying purposes. To remove plug, insert key and rotate 90 degrees. Insert small tool (e.g., paper clip) in access hole and depress retainer while pulling key and plug out of handle.
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15766 RH KA CAT 60 US26D 00593    
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15766 US26D  
3 Point Cam LH Zinc 262F8080002G  
3 Point Cam RH 262F7980002G